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Online diplomas are awarded for one to two years of study at a community college, technical school or university. If determined, students can complete an online diploma program while continuing to work, care for loved ones or fulfill other commitments. Online diploma programs are highly practical, allowing students to study a specific area, with a thorough overview of the field.

Associate degrees usually take approximately two years when studying full time and are available at community colleges and technical schools around the world

Summer courses are a great way to gain qualifications and academic credits in a convenient format. Offered during the summer months while some working professionals and students are taking a break, online summer courses fit nicely into a busy schedule. The web-based study format opens doors to studying at a university that is geographically distant, or at times that are most convenient for each individual student.

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  • Associate degrees usually take approximately two years.
  • Offered at schools in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands.
  • The web-based study format opens doors to studying.
  1. Like most certificate programs, online undergraduate.
  2. Online certificate programs are more flexible and accessible.
  3. You can find online certificates in a wide variety of undergraduate.

Studies are designed for students whose scheduling commitments would otherwise make it difficult to enroll in a full-time higher education program. Offered for individual courses, diplomas, associate’s degrees and certificate programs, online studies are a valuable option.

He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Social Sciences with Honors from the University of Malaya in 1977 and was appointed to the Malaysian Administrative and Diplomatic Service. He obtained his DBA in 2012 from Victoria University of Switzerland. He has served as the Malaysian Trade Commissioner in Belgium and Luxemburg for 9 years and thereafter was transferred to South Africa as the Malaysian Trade Commissioner in 1992 to establish diplomatic relations and to set up the Malaysian Trade Office in Johannesburg. His main task was to promote Malaysian products and services in all the countries in the Southern African region. He retired from the government while in South Africa and continued as a Consultant for a number of public listed and private companies covering the whole of Africa and Latin America. He was responsible for assisting them in their investments and also finding overseas markets for their products and services. After returning to Malaysia he started his own company under the name Malaysian Export Academy. Dr. Abdul Kabur Ibrahim also sits in the Board of some Malaysian and UK incorporated companies and is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Business Administration. He is also the President of the Malaysian Exporters Association and the Malaysian Training Providers Association; Chairman of the Foundation of Malaysian Institute of Export and Chairman of the Malaysia Madagascar Business Council. For more than 40 years, he has been involved in International Trade in various fields including export promotion, exporting and importing, training and coaching, ecommerce and social media marketing. In addition, he has participated and spoken in many national and international forums on International Trade subjects and is also the author of the book “Going International” and the Chief Editor of the magazine “Malaysia Trade”

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